HUAYACHO, Creative cooking and coffee The restaurant is a Coffee Shop and Peruvian Restaurant whose main feature is the Peruvian Amazonian coffee from the Rodriguez de Mendoza region (department of San Martín) (Amazonas department). The Restaurant won an award in the Category Café Restaurant of the 1st Cafeteria Contest in Lima convened by the Chamber of Coffee and Cocoa and Le Gordon Bleu Peru, according to the 'Experience Lima 2018' contest., . . We start by, enjoying snacks such as La Causa de Picazo crowned by black octopus;; and Mr. Sushi in the month of October with 8 cuts of purple Makis (photo); as a main dish 8 ; (.); ask for El Gorbucha Salmon in shrimp crust on a black garlic fried paella ;a delicacy .

For an after-dinner drink, ask for a cappuccino, a coffee and the Chilcano and Pisco Sour de Café or other cocktails from the bar's menu that is full of information..

We will take you to this unique restaurant where you will learn about Peruvian cuisine with a coffee aroma in our Peruvian cooking classes..

  • Huayacho Restaurant
  • Chef Executive : Alfredo Vega
  • Address : the Zorzales 125. height Cdra 35 Republic of Panama - San Isidro.



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