Creole Music Day in Lima – Oct 31st

He 31 October, Peru celebrates the Creole Song and is a popular day where the capital lives a party full of criollismo. Day of the Creole Song is a major reason for Peruvians express in the best way that trait that makes us common: ”peruanidad”.

How this celebration originated?

The former president of Peru, Manuel Prado y Ugarteche, who she was promulgated Day of the Creole song he 18 October 1944. The announcement was made at the "Buenos Aires' Plaza de Barrios Altos.

“declares the 31 October “Day of the Creole song” which will be used to spread the music falls within that designation”, document cites.
The celebration began in the criollismo 1944. Initially it was thought the pay homage 18 October, but that date coincided with the departure of the sacred image of the Lord of Miracles so the Creole celebration moved to the last day of October.

many interpreters, duets, trios and instruments used have participated in countless meetings criollas animated with the chirping guitars, the sound of castanets and the characteristic drawer.

The most representative folk music instruments are the cajon and guitar, in melody accompanying the famous waltzes.

October is full of traditions, It is therefore a very significant month for Peruvians, It is the duty of our authorities and all group, entity or cultural organization, the disseminate and inculcate in the people to continue transmitting from generation to generation and Peruvian identity is not lost.

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