History of Lima

In the months of September and October 1534, Francisco Pizarro was looking for a place on the Peruvian coast to found the city that eventually would be the City of Kings.

The decision to found the city on the plains was adopted at the Council of Jauja 4 December of that year, It is told that all the neighbors to the new city would move.

He 8 of January of 1535 in Pachacamac they were appointed three commissioners: Ruiz Díaz, Juan Tello and Alonso Martin de Don Benito, that as old and experienced people chose the most suitable place to seat the new city, I had quality, conditions and comply with the laws founding of cities. He 13 January returned to Pachacamac holding the seat of Lima was the most appropriate.

After the affidavit of commissioners, Governor with the real contests officers and other people moved to the region of Lima to certify the goodness of the place and proceeded to found the city.

Thus, that he 18 of January of 1535, Francisco Pizarro founded the new city on behalf of Their Majesties, Emperor Charles V and his mother Queen Juana.

At the ceremony Alonso de Riquelme were present, García de Salcedo, Nicolas de Rivera el Viejo (first mayor and lieutenant governor), Nicolas de Rivera El Mozo, Rodrigo de Mazuelas, Juan Tello Sotomayor, Ruiz Díaz, Alonso Martin de Don Benito, Cristobal de Peralta and Antonio Picado. They were also two friars (a Franciscan and a Dominican), many soldiers on horseback and on foot, black slaves and a woman, Moorish Beatriz.

Francisco Pizarro named him “City of Kings”, memory and devotion to the Three Kings and the closeness of his party Epiphany. Nevertheless, others state that the name was in honor of the kings of Spain at that time, nevertheless one of its nicknames is the “three times crowned village”.

With the passage of time, the name of City of the Kings was used less and less; adopting the designation of Lima, indigenous name used to designate the place where the Spaniards had settled. While this was happening in everyday family communication or, instruments in public contracts, in deeds, etc., He is still using the name Ciudad de los Reyes.

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