Andean Cereals in Peru

"THE IMPORTANCE OF GRAINS AND HEALTHY ANDINOS PRODUCTS IN PERU"Peruculinarytours was in the biotienda Samanca Organic tasting healthy products held, as nuts, cocoa #veganisima , soursop water shells, tofu, seitan (vegetable beef)from @ como.servegetariano, lotions energy, #camposdevida and skin cleansing with products #nature&being de áloe true & olive oil. That occurred in@ samaca.organico.

Among the featured tasting tofu (Soya cheese) It is made with soy Peruvian: provides 30% vegetable protein to our nutrition. It weighs 450 grams approx, .

Then all attendees enjoyed a talk on the importance and form of consumption of major food Andean our ancestral Andean cereals since the time of the Inkas.
The diversity of food in our country is one of the many wonders that we Peruvians. Andean cereals are currently being recognized nationally and worldwide for its delicious taste and health benefits. Peru Andean cereals: Cañihua , quinoa , Kiwicha , its leaves are also eaten and has a high nutritional power . The Incas ate 2 first times a day a feast of cereal at breakfast and dinner charged to recharge .

We'll take this great biotienda offering healthy organic products among other bioferias on our "Tour Route of Fruits".

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